Envy (Luhan x You)

Luhan is slumped on a leather couch in the living room of your house, his almost russet eyes fixed on the two figures intermingled on the armchair beside him. He watches, fingers digging into the stiff leather, as Kai wraps an arm around you and plants a kiss upon your lips.

“I’m here!”

His unreasonable coveting hinders, when a familiar figure walks into the living room and plops down on the couch next to Luhan, her body pressed quite casually against his.

Luhan’s girlfriend.

How had he gotten in this mess?

It had begun maybe eight months ago, the beginning of your Junior year of high school. Luhan, your close neighbor and best friend of eight years who had a crush on you, had been trailing around you, as your shadow, until you revealed to him that you had gotten a boyfriend- Kai, a boy with a charming smile and a substantial role on the basketball team.

Luhan, infuriated and blinded by jealousy, had accepted the sudden confession of your best friend almost a month later- a decision he soon regretted. Yet he continued to “date” her, thinking that you would possibly become jealous.

“Do you guys wanna stay?” you ask, Jongin running his fingers through your hair. “We’re going to be watching movies.”

Your best friend shakes her head. “Luhan and I have already planned to go on a date,” she says, linking arms with Luhan.

When Luhan is silent, flumped on the couch and picking lint off his jacket, your best friend pinches Luhan on the arm. “Oh, yeah,” Luhan says. “We’re going on a date.”

“See you guys,” you say, waving.

Luhan steals one last glimpse of Kai planting light kisses on your cheek as your best friend grabs him by the arm and literally drags him out the front door.


Luhan is excited when he receives a text from you, telling him to meet you at the movie theater.

His mind is a blur of fantasies, the two of you sitting side by side and exchanging laughs throughout the entire movie, as he enjoys a lax jaunt to the theater.

But those fantasies are shattered when he walks through the front door and sees you in Kai’s arms.

“Luhan!” you yell, waving.

When Luhan approaches you, he hears Kai muttering, “You invited him, too?”

You prod Kai in the ribs with your elbow. “He’s my best friend,” you hiss. “He’s like an older brother to me, so be nice.”

Luhan cringes at the words “Older brother”. It is a label that has been following him around for years now.

“Why did you call me?” Luhan asks, his voice bitter.

You smiled and waved three tickets in his face. “It’s premiere night, and I got three tickets, so I invited you!” you exclaim. “A lot of people wanted to get tickets to this movie, so you should be thanking me.”

Luhan’s rigid lips crack into a smile.

“Let’s go get our seats,” you insist.

“I’m going to buy a drink first,” Luhan replies. “You go ahead.”

Luhan watches as you walk into the theater, hand-in-hand with Kai.

“Next time, will you tell me when you invite a friend to our date?” Kai asks.

“I thought I told you!” you exclaim in a loud whisper.

The smile soon disappears from Luhan’s lips.

He actually believed that you had called him, just for the two for you to hang out and interchange jokes and heartfelt conversations.

But he was wrong.


“Don’t you have anything to ask me?” your best friend asks, propped in the seat across from Luhan in the café.

“No,” Luhan says, his eyes never leaving the screen of his phone between his hands.

Your best friend sighs before swiping the phone from between Luhan’s fingers.

“What the hell was that fo-“

“Prom is in two days, Luhan. Two days. As my boyfriend, it is your job to ask me to prom,” she says, enunciating each syllable.

Quite blatantly, Luhan says, “No.”


“I’m not asking you to the dance,” Luhan says.

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“I never liked you in the first place,” Luhan says.

After seven months of being hauled around on unwilling dates and staying up past midnight because of your best friend’s yapping over the phone, Luhan is finished.

Luhan remains idle as your best friend wraps her fingers around the cup of coffee in front of her and catapults it into Luhan’s face, the warm liquid dripping down his levelled skin. He doesn’t stop her, for he knows he has done wrong to toy with a girl’s heart and deserves more than just having coffee thrown in his face.

With mascara and tears running down her cheeks, your best friend slaps Luhan across the left cheek, leaving a stinging sensation and a splotchy red mark. “I hate you!” she yells, before storming out of the café.

Silence in the café rings louder in his ears than it should have.


Luhan sits in the gloom of his empty bedroom on the night of prom, leaning against a wall and his running a hand through his hair. The door creaks open, and the head of silhouetted figure peeks in. Without once looking up, Luhan yells, “I want to be alone!”

When he looks to see that the silhouetted figure is you, his eyes widen. “What are you doing here?”

You enter his bedroom and take the seat next to him, your elbows touching. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Luhan sighs.

“Why didn’t you tell me you broke up with her?” you ask, eyes swimming with worry. “And why did you date her if you never really loved her? You and I know both know that’s not right.”

“Shouldn’t you be at prom with your boyfriend?”

You bite your lip before responding with a low, “We broke up.”

Luhan is still, mouth slightly ajar.

Is he supposed to be happy?

Or sorry?

“Yesterday, I was on a date with Kai when I found out the two of you broke up, so I told Kai I had to see you,” you say, almost on the verge of tears. “Kai said that I cared for you too much. I told him we were just friends, but being the stubborn guy he is, he said we should break up.”

You flash a sad smile at Luhan.

“I guess it’s just you and me,” you say.

After a moment of exchanging sullen glances and the pounding of heartbeats, you are kissing. Luhan leans in and presses his lips against yours, and you maybe wrap your arms around him.

“I was envious,” he murmurs between breaths. “I thought if I dated your best friend, you would be jealous.”

“I guess I’m yours now,” you murmur back.

“I guess so,” Luhan replies.

The kiss continues, deepening like the night sky.

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Anonymous asked:

when is chapter 3 of if i were you coming out!!! great job

MyExoticFeels Answer:

It’s probably going to come out in the next day or two! ^^


Thank you so much~

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Hihihihi please wish me luck that my dad allows me to go to exo's concert! 🙏🙏🙏

MyExoticFeels Answer:

Yes… Must pray that you will go to EXO’s concert!

You don’t wanna miss out on any of this:

Anonymous asked:

If I Were You chapter 2 is so awesome! Keep up the good work! ^^

MyExoticFeels Answer:


If I Were You (Ch. 2)

September 18,2011

Something was wrong with Chen.

Or so you thought.

You believed marriage was the embodiment of joy and the welding of two people to be one- bodies intermingled under warm covers at night and endless longing over phone calls and telekinetic thoughts as the day drags on.

But it was the opposite.

At the end of each day, you waited for him at the door, only for him to return your gratitude with a mumbled “I’m back” and a saunter up the stairs and to the lone bedroom at the end of the corridor. Nevertheless, you would plaster a smile on your face and mutter to yourself, “Perhaps he’s tired.”

For what seemed to be the hundredth time, you found yourself waiting by the front door, only to be surprised when Chen walked through the front door, approximately thirty-four minutes early.

“What are you doing here?” you asked, surprised.

“I came early because I knew you were upset,” Chen said, a sad smile on his face. “I know I haven’t been at home a lot, so I wanted to take you out for dinner to make up for the past month?”

Were you supposed to be angry?

Or heartfelt?

A smile stretched across your face. “Sure,” you answered.

And you found yourself, sitting across from Chen in a dimly lit restaurant, eating and sharing a light conversation over a bottle of wine, almost like the day you first met.

And your doubt faded away.

April 7, 2012

Chen was losing interest.

In what?

Love. Marriage.


Night after night, you contemplated.

What were you doing wrong?

You began to assume that it was not Chen who was beginning to disconnect from the ties of your marriage, but it was you who was not trying hard enough to please your husband.

And so it began.

Browsing through recipes online to prepare steaming dishes for Chen each night, visiting his workplace every few days, and ironing his clothes for him each morning. Of course, it was laborious, but you would do anything for Chen to be happy.

You checked your watch.


You stood in the lobby of Chen’s office building, anxiously waiting for him. When you saw him walk into the lobby, you smiled and waved at him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, almost as if he didn’t want you to be at his workplace.

You handed him the bag that you were holding. “I heard you were busy, so I brought you lunch,” you said.

Instead of gladly accepting it and escorting you out the door, as a husband should do, he gave you a culpable look and muttered, “I’m sorry, _____, but I promised my coworkers that I would have lunch with them.”


Before you could mention another word, he shoved the bag back into your hands and ushered you out the door, almost forcefully.

“Next time, you don’t have to come to my workplace, alright?” he asked, an obviously imitative smile plastered on his face.

He doesn’t love me, you thought, the words repeating in your mind like a thick, heavy pulse.

He doesn’t love me.

September 24, 2012

“How is marriage life?”

A family dinner- porcelain dishes on the mahogany tabletop and laughter resonating through the dining room as you picked at your food, taking interest in the view outside the window. A caliginous sky with withered leaves rustling while riding the fall breeze. When you heard your mother’s voice, you snapped out of your daze.

“What?” you asked.

I said,” she asked, “How is marriage life?”

You opened your mouth to speak, but no words came out. Your mother raised an eyebrow, eyeing you suspiciously.

“It’s wonderful,” you lied, forcing a smile upon your lips.

Your mother smiled. “That’s such a relief.”

You nodded in agreement. “We get along very well.”


Once the family dinner was over, you hurriedly slung your purse over your shoulder and wrapped your coat around yourself, about to open the front door, when-


You turned around.

“Where are you going?”

You groaned.

It was your twin brother.

Oh Sehun.

“You’re leaving without saying goodbye?” he asked, arms crossed.

“If that’s why you’re bothering me, then I’m-“

Sehun shook his head. “That’s not why I’m here.”

“Then what is it?”

Sehun leaned on the wall beside you and glared at you. “You were lying this evening,” he said.

Your eyes widened and your voice trembled as you asked, “About what?”

“You were lying when you said you were happy about marriage life.”

You remained silent.

A sly grin spread across his face, for he knew he was right. “I think I know when my twin sister is lying.” After taking a deep breath, he asked, “Tell me, what’s really going on?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Sehun snorted. “As your older brother-“

“Older brother?” You rolled your eyes. “By three seconds.”

Nevertheless, Sehun continued, “I have the right to know. If that guy you call your husband is doing anything to you, you have tell me. Promise?”

A moment of silence was followed by a cold statement. “Shouldn’t you be studying? You’re leaving tomorrow for America tomorrow, so I suggest you study if you want mom’s permission to study abroad.”

Without another word, Sehun watched as you walked through the front door, the clicking of your heels resonating in the dense silence of the night.


A/N: Sorry for not updating! I was really concerned since I didn’t know what to post. I hope you guys liked the chapter!

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sorry this isnt a request but i would like to ask where is my chanyeol scenario where we are dating and hes 9 years older? I just couldnt find it in your blog but if you havent got time to write it yet please dont worry take your time :) thanks a lot!

MyExoticFeels Answer:

I’m sorry, but I never received a request like that. It’s very possible that Tumblr ate the message.

I’ll get to your request soon! ^^

I have something very important to prepare for on Sunday, so I’m sorry if I don’t update this weekend! I’ll try very hard to update on Saturday, but nothing is guaranteed! I’ll update on Monday for sure!

Thank you~

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omgggg yes you are like on of the only scenario blogs that are open for requests

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I always keep requests open! ^^

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혹시 한국말 할 줄 아세요?

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네~ 한국말 할 줄 아세요.

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hi!! can i request a scenario where you and sehun date but you guys end up having a lot of fights and you cant take it anymore so when he comes home from practice you guys fight and since you've had enough you leave while sehuns asleep and when doesnt find you at the apartment you guys shared he panicks and starts to regret everything he said the previous night. you guys dont talk for like a year but you watch exo then you run into him and stuff happens ad then you guys end up together again

MyExoticFeels Answer:

Sure! Thank you for requesting~