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fangirltosurvive asked:

Hello I really like the "if I were you" series! You're an awesome writer! Looking forward to future instalments :)

MyExoticFeels Answer:

Thank you so much! It makes me so happy to hear that you are enjoying the story!

And your writing is beautiful as well~

Anonymous asked:

If I Were You chapter 3 is awesome just like always! ^^

MyExoticFeels Answer:

Ohmygosh thank you!

All these compliments are making me so flustered~

If I Were You (Ch. 3)

2013: Present

“What is this?” you ask Chen.

It is a Sunday evening. After hours of being nowhere in sight, your husband appears at the door, holding a shopping bag.

“It’s a dress,” he says, the ends of his lips twitching into a slight smile. “I have a company gathering in two days, and I want you to come.”

Absentmindedly, you give him a nod.

As you turn your back to him and walk up the creaking floorboards of the stairs, gripping the bag tightly between your fingers, Chen calls out to you.

“_____,” he says.

You jerk your head in his direction.

“Thanks,” he says, lips curled up.

“No problem.”

Though you responded with a smile and appeared to be thankful, you knew not to fall for his acts.

If there was something you learned these past two years, it was that his acts were of obligatory nature, and not of gratefulness.


“I’m home,” Chen announces as he walks through the front door, seemingly forcing enthusiasm into his tired voice.

“I made you dinner,” you say, placing a plate of steaming food on the kitchen dining table. You had prepared his favorite dish, hoping maybe you would receive a rare compliment from your husband.

“Thanks, but I’m okay,” he says. “I don’t feel like eating.”

You take a deep breath.

Once again, you tried pleasing him- but failed.

“You didn’t forget about the company party tomorrow, right?” Chen asks, his gaze not once meeting with yours.

You nod.

Instead of engaging into a conversation, he responds with a “I’m going to bed” and walks up the stairs to his room.

You are tired.

With the hot ceramic burning in your hands, you carry the plate and dump its components in the trash- hours of reading recipes and accidentally searing your fingers from failed attempts of making the dish.

Nothing mattered.

He only married you because of the arranged marriage between your two families.


“Are you ready?” Chen calls from downstairs.

“Hold on just a second!” you yell back.

You look at your reflection in the full-length mirror that stands before you. You are clad in the clothes that Chen had bought for you- a white chiffon dress that fell to your knees- and your hair is styled into a neat bun. You should be dreamily gazing the mirror, a smile plastered on your face, for Chen had never bought clothes for you.

But you aren’t.

Turning away from the mirror, you carefully make your way down the stairs and to the front door, where Chen awaited you, silk dress shirt and black trousers with a black tie. His eyes meet yours, and he asks, “You ready?”

You nod.

He opens the front door and gestures for you to go first, as any gentleman would. You regret the moment you step into his recently washed car. The drive consists of awkward silences and the archetypal “how was your week” kind of conversation- nothing intimate.

After what seems to be hours, the whirring of the car hinders, and Chen says, “We’re here.”


Glasses clinking.

Feet shuffling.

Drunken shouts.

You sit at a table alone, for Chen had left to share a drink with his boss. Though it has been approximately an hour, the fancy yet degenerate atmosphere is unfamiliar to you- coworkers shouting as they toast their wine glasses to their boss and to a bright future, employees introducing wives and girlfriends to their fellow friends, and drunken men, slurring their words and tripping over their own feet.

“May I sit here?”

You snap out of your daze and look up to see a man, towering over you with a shy grin stretching from one ear to another.

Before you can mouth a “yes”, he invites himself to take the seat across from you, with a sighed, “Thank you.”

You examine him, until his features are etched into your mind.

“My name is Chanyeol,” he says, outstretching his arm and signaling for you to shake his hand.

You take his hand. “I’m _____.”

He smiles, and you can’t help but smile back, for he seems very bubbly and approachable. “I saw that you came with Chen. He’s my colleague. Are you two dating?”

“Actually,” you say, “we’re married.”

Chanyeol opens his mouth, but it takes a few moments for words to come out. “So you’re Chen’s wife?”

You nod. “We’ve been married for two years now.”

“Chen doesn’t really talk about his life outside work,” Chanyeol says.

Your expression becomes sullen.

“I can tell you’re not familiar with company gatherings,” Chanyeol says, still smiling. “It’s okay; I never really liked them either.”

The conversation continues, with compliments being exchanged and shy giggles. Within a mere hour, the two of you have become friends- a foundation built on a love for movies and a hate for company gatherings.

In the midst of your conversation, you feel a hand on your shoulder and a familiar voice saying, “We should leave now.”

You stand up from the seat, surprised when Chen wraps an arm around you- presumably an act for his fellow coworkers. Before leaving, you mouth a “goodbye” to Chanyeol, who responds with a wave.

As you leave the restaurant, Chen’s body pressed against yours, the night air stinging your cheeks, you hear a clicking of heels against concrete and a female voice call, “Kim Jongdae?”

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Stay With Me (Xiumin x You)

A torrent of applause and screams from the fans.

The flashing of DSLR cameras and spotlights.

Pearly beads of sweat roll down Minseok’s face, adorned in a gummy smile, as he holds the mic to his lips to sing the lyrics to “Lucky” and waves to the fans.

“Thank you for coming to our concert and always supporting us! We love you!”

And with that, the concert is finished.


“You guys did amazing!”

Minseok laughs, embarrassed by the cascade of praise from the staff that fills the room the moment the members exit the stage. As the stylists help Minseok remove the baggy white hoodie and wipe the dripping sweat from his face, he is surprised when his girlfriend walks into the room.

Just as Minseok is about to engulf you in a warm embrace, he is baffled when Joonmyeon walks over to you and comfortably wraps his arms around you. “You came to watch us?” Joonmyeon asks.

You nod. “You guys were pretty awesome,” you say, giving Joonmyeon a thumbs-up.

Minseok begins to feel worried. Though he tells himself that the two of you are just close friends from high school, his jealousy does not hinder.

Were you losing interest in him?

Were you beginning to like Joonmyeon?

Minseok observes as you and Joonmyeon converse, exchanging jokes and laughs as old friends. Unable to contain his coveting, he decides that maybe becoming a more adherent boyfriend would ensure that the bond between the two of you would never break. In the midst of your conversation, Minseok walks up to you from behind and gives you a back hug.

“How is my princess doing?” he asks.

The other members squeal and pretend to be disgusted, causing your cheeks to burn a bright red.

“I’ll let the two of you do some catching up,” Joonmyeon says, walking away, unable to hide his giggles.

“What are you doing?” you ask, playfully hitting Minseok on the arm. “You never do aegyo in front of other people! In fact, you never do aegyo to me.”

“I just missed my girlfriend so much,” he says, pinching your cheek. “Why didn’t you tell me you came to watch?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” you say.

Minseok wraps his arms around you once more, flashing you his gummy smile.

“Let go of me,” you say. “You’re sweaty.”

Minseok shakes his head, making a pouty face.


You are in a dilemma.

You had promised your friends that you would have dinner with them, but you find yourself unable to egress your apartment, for Minseok is enfolding you in his arms so you cannot leave.

Head cocked and bottom lip pushed out, Minseok queries in a whimsical voice, “Please stay with me?”

“I promised… my friends… that I… would have dinner with them!” you say, voice strained as you reach for the doorknob, the tips of your fingers barely brushing against the metal.

You grimace when Minseok does aegyo, for he knows just as well as you do that you cannot say “No” when he does aegyo. You watch as he puts his hand up to his face, embellishes his face with a cute expression, and squeaks in a high-pitched voice, “Bbuing Bbuing!”

Fine,” you sigh.

As a result, you end up on the couch, under a pink comforter with Minseok clinging to your arm and the TV blaring with the sounds of a movie that the two of you decided to watch.

“Are you alright?” you ask Minseok.

“Of course I am,” he replies. “Why do you ask?”

“You’re acting different,” you tell him, raising an eyebrow. “You used be so manly and stoic, but now you’re always pouting cutely and doing aegyo.”

For the past few weeks, it had been this way. Each time you made plans with friends, Minseok would lock you in the apartment, so you would unwillingly have to spend time with him. Each time you approached Joonmyeon and the other Exo members, Minseok pulled you away and took you on a forced date.

When he doesn’t reply, you ask “Is there anything wrong?”

“Nothing,” he replies, smiling. “It’s absolutely nothing.”


“You busy?” Joonmyeon asks over the phone.

“No, why?”

“Some of us are getting together for dinner; Wanna come?” he asks.


“We’ll come pick you up,” he says.

When he hangs up, you set your phone down on the nightstand by your bed. As you run your fingers through your hair, Minseok walks into the room, asking, “Who was that?”

You bite your lip and hesitate before responding with a murmured, “Joonmyeon.”

Minseok’s eyes widen.

“I’m going out for dinner with him and some of our old friends.”

Minseok plops down on your bed. “Will you stay with me?”

You sigh. “Minseok, are you jealous?”

Minseok shakes his head, hair flopping.

“Then why are you being like this?” you ask. “You won’t let me even meet my other friends. You’re not a possessive boyfriend, are you?”

“Of course not,” he says.

“Then, why are you being like this?”

“It’s nothing,” he says.

When you eye him suspiciously, Minseok responds reluctantly, “I thought you were losing interest in me. I thought if I did aegyo, you would notice me and not Joonmyeon or anyone else.”

Minseok expects you to maybe call him immature or reassure him with your gentleness, but he does not expect it when you burst out in a fit of uncontrollable chuckles.

“Is that why you’ve been acting this way?” you ask, almost on the verge of tears from laughter.

When your laughter subsides, you brush the hair out of Minseok’s face and plant a tender kiss upon his plump lips.

“You don’t have to worry,” you reassure. “You’re my only one.”

Minseok smiles before pulling you into another kiss, this time more passionate and deep. When he pulls away, he whispers, “Will you stay with me?”

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Anonymous asked:

You're the best you UPDATE EVERYDAY!!!!

MyExoticFeels Answer:




But I try to update every day so that you guys don’t get bored waiting~

Envy (Luhan x You)

Luhan is slumped on a leather couch in the living room of your house, his almost russet eyes fixed on the two figures intermingled on the armchair beside him. He watches, fingers digging into the stiff leather, as Kai wraps an arm around you and plants a kiss upon your lips.

“I’m here!”

His unreasonable coveting hinders, when a familiar figure walks into the living room and plops down on the couch next to Luhan, her body pressed quite casually against his.

Luhan’s girlfriend.

How had he gotten in this mess?

It had begun maybe eight months ago, the beginning of your Junior year of high school. Luhan, your close neighbor and best friend of eight years who had a crush on you, had been trailing around you, as your shadow, until you revealed to him that you had gotten a boyfriend- Kai, a boy with a charming smile and a substantial role on the basketball team.

Luhan, infuriated and blinded by jealousy, had accepted the sudden confession of your best friend almost a month later- a decision he soon regretted. Yet he continued to “date” her, thinking that you would possibly become jealous.

“Do you guys wanna stay?” you ask, Jongin running his fingers through your hair. “We’re going to be watching movies.”

Your best friend shakes her head. “Luhan and I have already planned to go on a date,” she says, linking arms with Luhan.

When Luhan is silent, flumped on the couch and picking lint off his jacket, your best friend pinches Luhan on the arm. “Oh, yeah,” Luhan says. “We’re going on a date.”

“See you guys,” you say, waving.

Luhan steals one last glimpse of Kai planting light kisses on your cheek as your best friend grabs him by the arm and literally drags him out the front door.


Luhan is excited when he receives a text from you, telling him to meet you at the movie theater.

His mind is a blur of fantasies, the two of you sitting side by side and exchanging laughs throughout the entire movie, as he enjoys a lax jaunt to the theater.

But those fantasies are shattered when he walks through the front door and sees you in Kai’s arms.

“Luhan!” you yell, waving.

When Luhan approaches you, he hears Kai muttering, “You invited him, too?”

You prod Kai in the ribs with your elbow. “He’s my best friend,” you hiss. “He’s like an older brother to me, so be nice.”

Luhan cringes at the words “Older brother”. It is a label that has been following him around for years now.

“Why did you call me?” Luhan asks, his voice bitter.

You smiled and waved three tickets in his face. “It’s premiere night, and I got three tickets, so I invited you!” you exclaim. “A lot of people wanted to get tickets to this movie, so you should be thanking me.”

Luhan’s rigid lips crack into a smile.

“Let’s go get our seats,” you insist.

“I’m going to buy a drink first,” Luhan replies. “You go ahead.”

Luhan watches as you walk into the theater, hand-in-hand with Kai.

“Next time, will you tell me when you invite a friend to our date?” Kai asks.

“I thought I told you!” you exclaim in a loud whisper.

The smile soon disappears from Luhan’s lips.

He actually believed that you had called him, just for the two for you to hang out and interchange jokes and heartfelt conversations.

But he was wrong.


“Don’t you have anything to ask me?” your best friend asks, propped in the seat across from Luhan in the café.

“No,” Luhan says, his eyes never leaving the screen of his phone between his hands.

Your best friend sighs before swiping the phone from between Luhan’s fingers.

“What the hell was that fo-“

“Prom is in two days, Luhan. Two days. As my boyfriend, it is your job to ask me to prom,” she says, enunciating each syllable.

Quite blatantly, Luhan says, “No.”


“I’m not asking you to the dance,” Luhan says.

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“I never liked you in the first place,” Luhan says.

After seven months of being hauled around on unwilling dates and staying up past midnight because of your best friend’s yapping over the phone, Luhan is finished.

Luhan remains idle as your best friend wraps her fingers around the cup of coffee in front of her and catapults it into Luhan’s face, the warm liquid dripping down his levelled skin. He doesn’t stop her, for he knows he has done wrong to toy with a girl’s heart and deserves more than just having coffee thrown in his face.

With mascara and tears running down her cheeks, your best friend slaps Luhan across the left cheek, leaving a stinging sensation and a splotchy red mark. “I hate you!” she yells, before storming out of the café.

Silence in the café rings louder in his ears than it should have.


Luhan sits in the gloom of his empty bedroom on the night of prom, leaning against a wall and his running a hand through his hair. The door creaks open, and the head of silhouetted figure peeks in. Without once looking up, Luhan yells, “I want to be alone!”

When he looks to see that the silhouetted figure is you, his eyes widen. “What are you doing here?”

You enter his bedroom and take the seat next to him, your elbows touching. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Luhan sighs.

“Why didn’t you tell me you broke up with her?” you ask, eyes swimming with worry. “And why did you date her if you never really loved her? You and I know both know that’s not right.”

“Shouldn’t you be at prom with your boyfriend?”

You bite your lip before responding with a low, “We broke up.”

Luhan is still, mouth slightly ajar.

Is he supposed to be happy?

Or sorry?

“Yesterday, I was on a date with Kai when I found out the two of you broke up, so I told Kai I had to see you,” you say, almost on the verge of tears. “Kai said that I cared for you too much. I told him we were just friends, but being the stubborn guy he is, he said we should break up.”

You flash a sad smile at Luhan.

“I guess it’s just you and me,” you say.

After a moment of exchanging sullen glances and the pounding of heartbeats, you are kissing. Luhan leans in and presses his lips against yours, and you maybe wrap your arms around him.

“I was envious,” he murmurs between breaths. “I thought if I dated your best friend, you would be jealous.”

“I guess I’m yours now,” you murmur back.

“I guess so,” Luhan replies.

The kiss continues, deepening like the night sky.

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when is chapter 3 of if i were you coming out!!! great job

MyExoticFeels Answer:

It’s probably going to come out in the next day or two! ^^


Thank you so much~

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Hihihihi please wish me luck that my dad allows me to go to exo's concert! 🙏🙏🙏

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Yes… Must pray that you will go to EXO’s concert!

You don’t wanna miss out on any of this:

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If I Were You chapter 2 is so awesome! Keep up the good work! ^^

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