1. Cherry Blossoms (Chanyeol x You)

    You sat alone in the café, continuously checking the time on your phone as you impatiently looked around.

    Where could he be?

    Suddenly, your eyes were covered by a pair of hands. “Guess who?” a familiar, deep voice asked.

    You laughed as you removed his hands and looked at your boyfriend. “Chanyeol!” you exclaimed. “You’re finally here!”

    “I’m sorry I’m so late,” he said. “I was busy practicing with the other members.”

    You smiled. “It’s okay!”

    Before you could speak, Chanyeol grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the café. Befuddled, you asked him, “Where are you taking me?”

    “I have a big surprise for you!” he replied.

    He intertwined his fingers with yours as the two of you walked in the direction of the park. However, right as you stepped foot in the park, he pulled out a piece of cloth from his pocket. Suddenly, he wrapped the piece of cloth around your eyes so that you were blindfolded. “Now, all you have to do is trust me and follow where I take you!” he exclaimed.

    Hesitantly, you let him direct you to the “big surprise” that he had prepared. Though you were not sure, you thought you could feel the grass and cobblestone paths under your feet as you traversed the entire park. After a while, Chanyeol had stopped you.

    “Are you ready?” Chanyeol asked.

    “Yes!” you answered impatiently.

    Excitedly, Chanyeol untied the blindfold.

    You gasped.

    You were surrounded by towering trees that were blooming with pink florets. The breeze carried the soft, pink petals through the air. It was all so beautiful that you were speechless. “Chanyeol, this is beautiful!” you said.

    “Do you like it?” he asked. “I heard the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and I had never seen them before. I promised myself that I would see cherry blossoms bloom with the girl I love.”

    As you stared in awe at the beauty of the flowers, Chanyeol pulled you into a sweet kiss. The afternoon ended with you and Chanyeol sitting under a cherry blossom tree. Chanyeol had played you a peaceful melody on his guitar as you fell asleep, enjoying the feeling of the breeze and the aroma of the flowers.

  2. Anonymous asked: Could u make super sad angsty scenario where u r kai's older brother's girlfriend but kai like you too, one day his brother died in a car accident or sthg and it crushed you and kai is there to help you cope! Thks& love ur scenarios omg!!

    Sure! Thanks for being descriptive! And OMG, I’m so glad you love my scenarios! You’re too sweet! ㅠ_ㅠ

  3. Cotton Candy (Yixing x You)

    Crowds of people surrounded you. You smiled as you inhaled the sweet scent of pastries and cotton candy. The laughter of children and chatter of adults was heard throughout the entire carnival. As you were examining the different booths and stands, a familiar voice called out to you.

    “_____! Over here!”

    When you turned around, you smiled to see your boyfriend, Yixing waving at you. You ran into his arms, laughing. Even though he only wore jeans, a t-shirt, and a denim jacket, he still looked stunning. When he saw your face, his lips upturned into a cute smile, showing the dimples that you absolutely adored.

    “Let’s go!” you said, grabbing his hand and leading him into the carnival.

    For the entire day, the two of you ran around playing games, winning stuffed animals, and trying the interesting foods that the carnival had to offer. Though you two were older compared to most of the people there, you certainly didn’t act like it. You laughed as you chased each other around, catching the attention of many confused adults. Soon, it was evening, and you two decided to take a stroll.

    “I had so much fun!” you said, holding Yixing’s hand.

    “Me too,” he replied. Suddenly, a stand catches his attention. “Do you want some cotton candy?” he asked. “I’ll buy some for you.”

    You nodded.

    After he bought some, you two shared it. Yixing ripped off a piece of the fluffy pink cotton and ate it, the sugary goodness melting on his tongue. However, you began giggling, for the pink cotton was stuck on his face. Using one finger, you wiped the cotton candy from his face, and he blushed. In that moment, he looked too adorable.

    “T-thanks,” he said, stuttering.

    Suddenly, you leaned forward to plant a kiss on his lips. When you realized what you had just done, you pulled away, your face turning red. You noticed that Yixing was surprised at your sudden move. You began cursing yourself and wondering why you had boldly given him your first kiss. You knew Yixing liked to take it slow in relationships, getting to know his significant other before showing signs of intimacy. In the midst of your thoughts, Yixing unexpectedly leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours once again. This one lasted a little longer, but you didn’t mind, for Yixing was gentle and sweet.

    He wrapped his arms around you to pull you closer. His lips tasted like strawberry cotton candy, and a fresh citrus scent surrounded him. When he pulled away, he gave you a smile. “I’d like to come to the carnival again soon.”

    You were surprised that Yixing had a romantic side to him. You thought he would shy away from you and leave the two of you in awkward silence, but he ended up pulling you into a romantic kiss. “M-me too,” you answered, speechless. “I-it would be nice t-to come again.”

    Yixing smiled. “Do you want some more cotton candy?” he asked.

  4. Anonymous asked: reader x levi 눈 u 눈 ; Levi is Rapunzel and Reader is the Prince. I think you know the rest . . . // tries to not burst into laughter


  5. By My Side (Kris x You)

    Thank you guys for 100 followers! I didn’t even notice! I hope you like this scenario. By the way, the Minho mentioned in this scenario is not intended to be the Minho from Shinee, but you can think of him as Shinee’s Minho if you would like. I chose the name because I knew other people with the name Minho. ^^


    “Summer’s almost over,” you whined, leaning on your boyfriend’s shoulder. “That means we have to go back to school.”

    Kris laughed and ruffled your hair. “Why don’t you want to go back to school? You can meet your friends.”

    “But I don’t want to go back to class!” you exclaimed, pouting. “School starts next week!”

    You and your boyfriend Kris were walking the streets. It was only a week before your junior year of high school was starting. The skies were blue and clear, and there were a moderate number of people walking the streets. Suddenly, you heard a voice that was all too familiar.

    “_____?” the voice called. “Is that really you, _____?”

    When you turn around, you see a familiar face. “Minho?” you asked in disbelief.

    He walked towards you. He wore a loose t-shirt and jeans. He had light, playful eyes with ruffled hair, and he had a cute smile. “I didn’t think I would find you here!” he said.

    “What are you doing here?” you asked.

    “We moved here, so I’m attending high school with you again!” he said, smiling.

    Suddenly, Kris felt uncertain that you should be near this man. “Who are you, exactly?” he asked in a cold voice.

    “Hello, my name is Minho! I lived here two years ago. _____ and I used to date! I was her first love. However, we broke up because of some slight complications, and I moved away. It’s nice to meet you. I assume your _____’s new boyfriend?” Minho said, smiling brightly. “Actually, I have a favor to ask you. If you don’t mind, can I borrow ______ this weekend? It’s not a date, I just want to catch up with all the things that have been going on.”

    Kris hesitated. Before he could speak, you interrupted. “Sure! I’m sure Kris won’t mind.”

    “Great!” Minho exclaimed. “See you later, _____!”

    As Minho was out of sight, Kris pulled you closer to him. “Why did you do that?” he asked, disappointed.

    “Kris, we’re over. We broke up for a reason. This weekend, we’re just going to talk. I knew you would be mature about it, so I said sure,” you said, reassuring Kris. “Don’t worry. I love you and only you.”

    Kris smiled.


    You and Minho sat across from each other in the café. You were seated by the window, so you were surrounded by the warm rays of sunlight. Though it seemed like hours, it had been only twenty minutes that you two were sitting in awkward silence. Suddenly, Minho spoke up. “Are you happy dating that new man of yours?”

    “Yeah,” you answered. “By the way, his name is Kris.”

    “Anyway… How have you been?” he asked, wearing that goofy smile on his face. “I hope you’ve been doing well.”

    You sighed. “Minho, I know why you’re doing this. But my answer is no. I found a new man, and I don’t want anything to do with you again.”

    “Really?” he asked. “You seemed really happy to see me yesterday.”

    You were silent.

    “I know you still have feelings for me. You know why we broke up,” he said, his expression suddenly serious.

    You knew very well.

    It had been two years ago. You and Minho were so close that you were never seen without each other. Each day, in the hallways, you would walk hand-in-hand. After school, you would always visit each other’s houses or study in the library together, the old librarian always having to hush the two of you for giggling.

    One day, Minho had lost interest in you.

    You saw him in the hallway and even gave him a smile. However, when he walked in your direction, he walked right past you, not even pretending to notice you. It had continued for weeks, and you spent your nights sobbing and crying to yourself. You began hating him, until one day, he was gone.

    Minho had moved.

    You learned that he had purposely ignored you so that you would forget him and he would forget you. However, the both of you longed to see each other again. You could never get over Minho, until you met Kris.

    “Please, _____, we can be a couple again. This time, I’m here to stay,” he said, pleading you.

    When the idea registered in your mind, your mind was telling you to agree with Minho. However, your heart told you to stay with Kris, who had stayed by your side for the past two years. You shook your head and replied, “I think we should leave, Minho.”

    You stood up to leave, but Minho grabbed your hand tightly. “Wait,” he said. “Before you leave me, I need to ask you something.”

    “What is it?”

    “Can we be friends?” he asked. “Even if I can’t hold you in my arms or press my lips against yours, can’t we at least be friends? Please?”

    After a moment of hesitation, you nodded.


    You stood at your lockers, pondering. It was the first day of school, but you were already in a dilemma. You loved your boyfriend Kris, but your heart skipped a beat whenever you saw Minho. You knew you had agreed to be friends with Minho, but you felt guilt whenever you spent time with him or even said hi.

    Suddenly, someone came from behind and surprised you with a back hug. You screamed. When you turned around, you saw Kris laughing at you. “Hey!” you exclaimed, hitting him on the shoulder. “Don’t scare me like that!”

    “I’m sorry,” he said, laughing still.

    “Kris! _____!” someone called.

    The both of you turned around to see Minho waving at you. Kris’s expression immediately darkened. “What are you doing here?” he asked coldly.

    “I don’t know where my homeroom class is. I haven’t been here in so long!” he said, scratching the back of his head. “I know _____ and I have the same homeroom class. Will you show me?”

    You nodded.

    “Let’s go!” Minho said, walking through the halls.

    As you were about to follow him, Kris grabbed you by the arm. “Why are you doing this?”

    “Kris, be mature! We’re just friends. Try to get close with Minho, okay?” you said, smiling. “Anyway, I have to go to homeroom class. See you!” You planted a kiss on his cheek and ran off.


    For the next few weeks, Kris could hardly spend any time with you. Whenever Kris wanted to hang out with you or study with you, Minho had beat him to you. It was when you were standing alone by the lockers that Kris knew he had a chance to finally be with you.

    “_____!” he yelled.

    “Kris!” you said, beaming.

    “Hey, wanna hang out this weekend? I heard a new movie came out!”

    “Oh,” you said, your smile fading.

    “What’s wrong?” he asked.

    “About that-“

    “We already made plans,” Minho said, walking in. “We have a chemistry test to study for. So, we’re going to hang out this weekend.”

    You knew Kris was a mature and easygoing person, but when someone agitated him, he was also very scary. Suddenly, Kris became cold. “I guess you don’t need me anymore, then.”

    “What are you talking about?” Minho asked. “You’re not a very good boyfriend if you walk away on your girl like that.”

    Unexpectedly, Kris turned around and grabbed Minho by the collar. “How dare you call me a terrible boyfriend. I’m not the one who left _____ to be alone like that.”

    “Kris, stop!” you said.

    When he heard your voice, Kris let go of Minho and walked away.


    “Hey, I’m sorry about yesterday,” Minho said to Kris. “I stepped out of line.”

    Kris remained silent.

    “You know, _____ was telling me last night how much of a jerk you were because you walked away on her like that. She was telling me how I treated her much better when we were dating.”

    Kris slammed his locker shut. “You’re trying to pick a fight with me, aren’t you?”

    Minho smirked. “Me? I’m just trying to tell you to get out because _____ doesn’t need you anymore.”

    Without any hesitation, Kris delivers a punch to Minho’s left jaw. Minho falls to the ground, cupping his jaw. He groans in pain, attracting a crowd. You were in the hallways and saw the swarm of students, so you pushed your way to the front to see what has happening.

    You gasped.

    “Minho!” you exclaimed, helping him up. “Your jaw! It’s bruised!” You turned to Kris. “What the heck is wrong with you? I thought you would be mature about this situation! Why would you hit someone?”

    “Choose,” Kris responded. “Me, or him?”

    “What?” you asked, speechless.

    “Who is it that you like?”

    “K-Kris, why are you doing this? I can’t just choo-“

    “That’s what I thought.”

    Kris walked away, and you fell to the ground, sobbing.


    For the first time, Kris had skipped classes. He took his time to walk around the school, taking deep breaths. He had to let it finally sink in.

    That you chose Minho over him.

    Suddenly, he is interrupted. “Can I join you?” a voice asked.

    He turned around and saw you.

    “Can I walk with you?” you asked.

    Kris nodded.

    You two walked together without saying a word.

    “I’m sorry,” you said. “I heard what happened between you and Minho. I honestly didn’t know. Will you forgive me? I told that jerk never to talk to me again. Then, I realized how much I needed you. When I was in misery and complete hopelessness, you were the one who stayed by my side. Now, I know that between you and Minho, I’d choose you without a doubt.”

    Kris turned to look at you. “Really?” he asked.

    You nodded. “I love you,” you said, smiling.

    Kris pulled you into a kiss. “I love you, too,” he whispered, embracing you tightly.

  6. Anonymous asked: A angst scenario when Baekhyun is your stalker because he fall in love with you as you help him when he lost his bracelet. Baek think Kris is your boyfriend but he's your best friend and he get jealous.You ask Baek get to know him better. HP end pls!

    Thanks for requesting~

  7. melulu73 asked: Hi Admin~Hiho can i request a scenario where Lulu got jealous of his girlfriend's "boy" bestfriend (myungsoo) bcoz they act as if their da one in da relationship :3 fluffy & happy ending please make lulu more manly Kamsa Admiin <3

    Sure! I’ll try to make Luhan as manly as I can!

  8. melulu73 asked: Hi :3 1st of all I love ur blog ~ So can i request a scenario includes Yeollie & his living on a province he wears (old/lame clothes) so coincidence I met him and dress him up then viola~ an ANGEL~ <3

    Thank you~! And sure, I’ll try to get your request as fast as I can!

  9. Anonymous asked: Hello! I really love ur scenarios❤️ can u write a scenario where it is ur bday which happens to be on the same day as chanyeol's and u are chen's gf? Sorry if it's confusing... Can u make it fluffy please? Thank u in advance:)

    Thank you so much~! And sure, I’ll get to your request as soon as possible!

  10. Misunderstandings (Chanyeol x You)

    Chanyeol stood at his locker, holding his books tightly to his chest. He looked across the hallway. He saw Kyungsoo waving to you. His heart fell when Kyungsoo outstretched his arms and you ran straight into them.

    Chanyeol sighed.

    As he was putting his books away, a familiar voice called out to him. “Chanyeol!”

    Chanyeol turned around, only to see you and Kyungsoo walking toward him. One of Kyungsoo’s arms was wrapped around you.

    "Hey, we’re going to watch a movie tonight, wanna come?" Kyungsoo asked.

    Chanyeol forced a smile. “I can’t, sorry. I have to study for a math test.”

    "Are you sure you can’t come?" You asked. "It won’t be as much fun without you there."

    Chanyeol replied, “Thanks for inviting me, but I think my mom will kill me if I don’t get a good grade on the test.”

    "Alright then, bye!" you said, walking off with Kyungsoo.

    Chanyeol’s smile faded as you walked away. It had been this way for the past three years of high school. Though Chanyeol was madly in love with you, he never could confess, for you were always with Kyungsoo. In class, he would catch you and Kyungsoo exchanging looks, and occasionally passing notes. Outside of class, Kyungsoo would always hold your hand or wrap his arm around you.

    Chanyeol could only stand back and watch.


    "The movie was great!" you exclaimed, laughing.

    "I liked it too," Kyungsoo replied.

    You and Kyungsoo had been best friends for years, for you had attended the same elementary school, middle school, and even high school. Many mistook your relationship as love, but you and Kyungsoo didn’t feel any mutual love for each other. You felt like Kyungsoo was your brother, so you could comfortably talk to him about your worries or concerns and joke around with him.

    "It’s too bad Chanyeol couldn’t come," you said, disappointed. "I wonder why’s he likes this."

    "Are you alright?" Kyungsoo asked, concerned.

    "Yeah. It’s just that Chanyeol keeps avoiding me these days. I don’t know why. We used to hang out so much, but now…"

    "I’m sure he’s still your friend," Kyungsoo said, trying to comfort you. "By the way, do you still carry that picture of Chanyeol?"

    "Hey!" you said, punching Kyungsoo in the arm. "I told you not to mention that! You have your own problems to worry about."

    Kyungsoo laughed. “You’re always right, _____.”


    "In order to solve the questions that you will have for homework, it’s essential that you memorize these formulas…"

    Chanyeol tried to focus as his algebra teacher droned on, but all of his attention was diverted to you. He watched as Kyungsoo slid a note across the floor to you. After reading it, you folded it back up, gave Kyungsoo a smile, and nodded.

    "Mr. Park, would you like to answer that for us?"

    Chanyeol’s eyes widened, and his face turned red. “C-can you please r-repeat the question?”

    "Exactly what I thought," the teacher said. "Please pay attention in class."

    After class, as Chanyeol watched you and Kyungsoo leave together, he made a crucial decision.

    He would confess to you.


    Chanyeol took a deep breath. He loosened the collar of his shirt. Once he felt ready, he began left the school. He knew you always liked to hang out in front of the school once classes were over.

    Gathering up his courage, he walked outside to meet you with a bouquet in his hands. However, when he found you, you were not alone.

    You were with Kyungsoo.

    Though he usually found you and Kyungsoo sitting and chatting, this time, the two of you were facing each other. To Chanyeol’s dismay, Kyungsoo got down on one knee in front of you, and he pulled out a rose. Kyungsoo smiled and handed the flower to you, and you shyly accepted it.

    Chanyeol’s heart shattered.

    Heartbroken, he walked away, and he threw away the bouquet of flowers.


    The next day, Chanyeol saw you standing at the lockers, alone. Daringly, he approached you. “Hey,” Chanyeol said.

    You stayed silent.

    "Is something wrong?" he asked.

    You turned to look at him. “You’re a jerk.”

    Chanyeol’s eyes widened. “What did I do?”

    "You’ve been avoiding these past few weeks! It’s like I don’t even know you anymore! What kind of friend are you?"

    "It’s because you’re always with Kyungsoo! You’re always with him, so you don’t even notice when I’m around. I even saw Kyungsoo confessing yesterday to you!"


    "He got down on one knee and handed you a rose!"

    You began giggling.

    "What’s going on?" Chanyeol asked.

    "Kyungsoo wasn’t confessing to me," you said. "I was helping him so he could confess to another girl he liked!"


    "Chanyeol… Are you jealous?"

    Chanyeol began blushing madly. Though he opened his mouth to speak, no words came out. Suddenly, a student recklessly ran past you, bumping into you. You dropped the pile of books and papers in your arms and fell to the ground.

    ”_____!” Chanyeol exclaimed. “Are you okay?”

    You nodded, gathering your books and papers off the ground. Chanyeol held out his hand, and you grabbed it. Once he helped you up, you murmured a slight “Thank you”. However, Chanyeol noticed another piece of paper you had forgotten to pick up.

    "You forgot this one," he said, picking it up.

    Your eyes widened. Panicking, you said, “No it’s okay! I’ll pick it u-“

    Chanyeol grabbed the small piece of paper and turned it over, and it was a picture of you and Chanyeol, a heart drawn around the two of you.

    "I-I can explain!" you exclaimed, your face turning a dark shade of red.

    "Do you like me, _____?" he asked, smiling widely.

    After a moment of hesitation, you nodded slightly.

    Unexpectedly, Chanyeol wrapped his arms around you. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to hear that! I never could tell you how much I really liked you. I thought you always liked Kyungsoo.”

    "R-really?" You asked. "I thought you hated me, and I thought that’s why you stopped being by my side."

    "I’ll never leave your side," Chanyeol said. "I’ll be there for you forever, _____."