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Hello! What would Chen/kris/lay/Kai do if they were watching tv and you suddenly sat on their lap with you head/face in the crook of their neck giggling! ❤❤ I Love You and Your Blog! (^_^)

Thank you, you’re too kind! I’ll have fun answering this~! I’ll write it as if you were their girlfriend, okay! I hope you like my answer!


Chen would probably turn red in the face and try to laugh it off. He would say, “Yah! What are you doing?” in a whiny voice. He would act all pouty and whiny about it, trying to hide his embarrassment. I would assume because he is still a bit immature and not very familiar with skinship.

Kris would probably accept it the best out of the four of them. He would be the most mature, and I bet he would even wrap his arms around you to keep you there. Kris would probably enjoy you initiating the skinship, even though he is not afraid to do so either. In fact, Kris would probably encourage you to initiating the skinship more.

Lay would probably smile and enjoy your company. Lay seems very considerate and understanding, so I think he would like you sitting on his lap and being able to approach him so easily. He may be shocked and a bit confused at first, but he would then give you a smile and hold you close.

Kai, being very young and unfamiliar with relationships, would probably not know what to do under the sudden circumstances. He would probably blush, his face turning a very dark shade of red. He might stutter, words unable to come out of his mouth, asking, “W-why are you s-sitting on my l-lap?” He would be embarrassed by the sudden skinship and sit there, completely frozen and not knowing what to do.

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Ur scenario 'Rainy day' is so cute XD I'm sorry i confused you at first but you did it very good. I love your scenarios so much~

It’s alright~

Thank you for your support! You’re too kind!

I love you guys so much! ㅠ_ㅠ

Rainy Days (Kai x You)

The sound of rain drops could be heard in the room. You and your boyfriend, Jongin, were cuddling under the warmth of a blanket on your living room couch. You were watching one of your favorite dramas together.

One of Jongin’s arms was wrapped around you, holding you close to him. You two laughed together at the funny scenes and chatted. Soon, however, the drama progressed into a kiss scene, so you quickly hushed Jongin.

"Do we have to wa-"

"Shut up! They’re about to kiss!" you exclaimed, squealing.

Jongin rolled his eyes and laughed, ruffling your hair. “Women and their dramas,” he said.

"What is that supposed to mean? I’ve been waiting for this for episodes! Nothing is more romantic in a drama than a kiss scene!"


"Yes! Jongin, look! Watch, their finally going to-"

You were interrupted when Jongin lifted up your chin with his fingers and leaned in to give you a peck on the lips. When he pulled away, he gave you a smile. Your cheeks turned a very dark shade of red, and Jongin chuckled at your cuteness.

"What was that for?" you asked, embarrassed.

"You said nothing was more romantic than a kiss!" Jongin replied.

"In a drama!" you exclaimed.

In no time, you began ranting about the misconceptions of reality that dramas provide for people, and how people should watch dramas for enjoyment, not as guides to relationships in real life. As you went on and on, Jongin kissed you again to silence you.

This time, however, it was a real kiss.

He leaned in and pressed his lips gently against yours. He ran his hands through your hair and took in your fresh scent. He enjoyed the gentle touch of your lips and how they tasted sweet like strawberries.

On the other hand, you were shocked. Your eyes were wide open at first, but they fluttered closed. You wrapped your arms around Jongin and smiled into the kiss. When he pulled away, you felt empty and wanted more, but you still felt butterflies in your stomach.

You saw his lips move, but you could not hear anything but the pounding of your heart and the light rhythmic beats of the falling raindrops.

"What?" You asked.

"I asked if you want to do this more often," he said, smiling innocently.

Your cheeks turned red again, and you stuttered, “S-sure.”

Jongin chuckled and ruffled your hair.

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I'd like to request a scenario when you and Jongin cuddling on the couch and I'd like to know the way he kiss you. Will it be sweet , romance or anything else? Thx ;)

Do you want me to answer the question or write a scenario? I’ll assume that you’re requesting a scenario! Thanks for requesting~! ^^

Breath (Kai x You)

This is my first songfic! I hope you guys like it~! This is based on the song by S.M. the Ballad. I translated it myself, so it might be different from versions on the internet! I hope you like my interpretation of the song. Please send in more requests!


Without even knowing, I was holding the phone.

“It’s me. It’s been such a long time.”


Jongin pressed the green call button and put the phone against his ear. After several seconds, he was about to hang up, until you answered.

“Hello?” you asked.

Jongin’s heart raced. You had picked up the phone.

“Who is this?” you asked.

Tears began welling up in his eyes. He missed the sound of your voice over the phone. It had been four months since you two had broken up. Jongin opened his mouth to speak, but no words would come out.

“Is anyone there?” you asked.

“Hey, _____, it’s me- Jongin.”

The other end of the phone went silent, and Jongin was worried that you hung up.

“Are you still there?” he asked.

“Yeah,” you replied, a lump forming in your throat.

“It’s been such a while… I don’t even know what to say. I just have a favor to ask you,” Jongin said, mustering up his courage. “As good friends, do you want to meet with me in the park this Saturday?”

You hesitated, but you eventually answered. “Sure.”

“That’s cool. Um, bye.”

Jongin wanted to continue talking to you, but he forced himself to hang up.

It had been four months.

Four months since he last saw you.

Four months since he last heard your voice.

Just by the thought of being with you, Jongin’s eyes would light up, and his lips would curve up into that cheesy smile of his. Now, hearing your name, tears would well up in his eyes, and his heart would break.

Though he used to call you every night to talk over the phone for hours, he no longer kept any contact with you. Listening to your voice was his joy, but now, he yearned just to hear the sound of your breath.

Suddenly, the phone felt heavy in his hand.


Because it was too hard…

Because I felt sorry for holding you back…

Because I regret sending you away….

I can only let out a sigh.


Jongin sat alone in the practice room. He had been practicing for hours after school. He stared at his reflection in the mirrors. There were dark circles under his eyes from a lack of sleep, and sweat was running down his face.

After you had left him, he thought he could forget you by practicing his dancing skills every day, but after weeks, he realized it was no use. He thought if he could focus on pursuing his dream, all the memories of you would be erased.

But he was wrong.

With each step he got closer to his dream, the memories of you and your smile became clearer and clearer. Jongin assumed it was because you were his biggest supporter. Though you could have been studying or enjoying your leisure time, after school, you would always visit Jongin. You would prepare him dinner or watch him practice. Jongin had to admit that you were the one who helped to bring him this far, even when times were tough. Though he did not want to admit it, he knew it was true.

After he sent you away, he was only filled with regret.

Jongin let out a scream of frustration and sighed heavily, the day you had parted still fresh in his mind.

“Jongin!” you yelled, waving.

From the distance, he saw you and began running to you. For some reason, on the weekend, he suddenly asked you to meet him so you guys could enjoy a date.

“_____!” he exclaimed, embracing you.

“What is it?” you asked.

“I passed the audition! I’m going to debut under SM!” he said, laughing.

Your eyes widened and you gave him a big smile. “Congratulations, Jongin! I told you all that hard work would pay off!” you said. “Now, I get to watch you debut! Just remember, I’ll always be your biggest fan!”

Suddenly, his smile disappeared. “About that…”

You gave him a puzzled expression. “Is something wrong?”

“Never mind,” he said, wrapping an arm around you. “I’ve got lots of stuff planned for us today.”

The entire afternoon, you two ran down the streets, chasing each other. You visited several stores, trying on sunglasses and leather jackets, taking pictures together. As it got darker, you and Jongin walked hand-in-hand down the dimly lit streets.

“Do you always walk home this late after school?” Jongin asked.

You nodded. “It’s routine.”

“Don’t walk home this late after school,” he said. “It’s dangerous. From now on, take a bus or walk home earlier.”

“What are you talking about?” you asked. “I always visit you after school, and we walk home together.”

Jongin was silent.

“What do you mean don’t walk home alone anymore?” you asked, demanding an answer.

“I decided that we should break up when we’re on good terms. I got into SM, and I’ll be a trainee now. I feel like dating is just childish and it would be a burden to both of us if we continue meeting like this all the time.”

You were speechless.

What had he just said?

“Is that what you think of our relationship? I just wanted to support you and help you since you wanted this so much. I loved you, Jongin. I sacrificed so many things for you, but this is how you repay me?”

“Don’t think of it like tha-“

“I’ve heard enough,” you said, running away.

You ran home though your feet felt heavy. The tears were blurring your vision, but you kept running. You left Jongin to stand alone in the streets with no one to comfort him.

Just like how he was before he met you.

As Jongin sat alone, he now wished he could go back in time and tell you why he left you.


Because I was so surprised, no words came out.

I could only hold onto my trembling heart.

Is it hard for you?

Where are you right now?

Before I could ask you, tears fell…

Just by hearing the sound of your breathing.


“That’s cool. Um, bye.”

After those last few words, there was silence on the other end of the line. Once the call was over, you held, you held the phone to your chest. You hadn’t spoken to him in months, and he suddenly decided to call you? You felt angered that he unexpectedly decided to talk to you, but you also felt apprehensive that your heart would be broken again when you would meet him on Saturday.

However, you suddenly wanted to call him again and ask how he had been doing. Instead of acting cool and neutral, you had made the conversation awkward.

Why didn’t you ask how he was doing?

Why didn’t you ask if he made any new friends?

Though you wanted to ask, no words came out, for when you heard his voice, it reminded you of all the past phone calls you and Jongin had. The ones where you would stay up all night to talk to each other. The phone calls where you could hear Jongin laugh. The ones where Jongin always said, “I love you”.

Instead of asking those questions you had been preparing just in case he ever wanted to talk to you again, you began sobbing to yourself. Even when the phone was silent on the other end, you could hear the sound of his trembling breaths, and you knew he was crying too.

Tears rolled down your cheeks.


When my tears fall like this,

Even the memories I cherished do not know what to do anymore…


Jongin had not cried like that for a while. It was when he reminisced about you that he did not know what to do anymore. Each time he thought of you, he was reminded of beautiful memories, but it all seemed useless when he sent you off.

The only memory that made him smile was the one where he confessed his love to you.

He remembered it had been two years ago. He was new to the class and he had no friends, but you bravely approached him and quickly became his friend. Each day, he sat next to you in class, and you two would secretly send each other notes or take glimpses of each other when the teacher was lecturing the class.

Before he knew it, Jongin was in love.

It was on Valentine’s Day that he decided to confess to you. Each Valentine’s Day, the teachers would allow the students to pass out their Valentine’s. When it was Jongin’s turn, he got up and walked over to your desk. Mustering up his courage, he held out a handwritten card and a single red rose.

“_____, will you be my girlfriend?” he asked.

Your cheeks turned red, and the entire class began cheering. You nodded and smiled shyly at him.

Thinking of the memory, his tears dried, and a smile came to Jongin’s face.

Where had all those times gone?


Because it hurt too much,

We promised we would let each other go.

But when I have no confidence,

At least let me hear the sound of your breath…


“You came,” he said.

It was Saturday evening, and you were walking the streets in the dark. When you walked into the park, you caught sight of Jongin.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

You shook your head. “Why did you call me here?”

“I just wanted to talk to you,” he said.

You two decided to sit on a park bench, keeping at least a three-inch distance between your bodies. After what seemed like hours and hours of silence, Jongin spoke up.

“I’m sorry, but there’s a reason I called you here.”

You remained silent.

“I never really told you the real reason why I decided to end this relationship,” he said, looking at you. “I wanted to break up with you because I knew you would suffer if you stayed with me. I would be a trainee, so I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore, but I know you would keep supporting me by visiting be whenever you could. I noticed when I began practicing for the SM Auditions, you began eating less and sleeping less to visit me. I told it would be the best for both of us so that I would look like a jerk and you would hate me, but the truth is… I miss you and I still love you.”

Tears began welling up in your eyes again.

“You helped me through so much, but I knew I could never pay you back. I thought letting you go would benefit you, but it’s just destroyed me. I realized, I need you.”

“Are you saying you want to make up with me?”

Jongin shook his head. “I came to make a promise. Let’s promise each other that we will stay good friends. You’ll go and find a better man than me, and I’ll debut as an idol. No hard feelings between us anymore.”

After a long moment of smile, you forced a smile and said, “Sure.”

Though you agreed, you were quite disappointed. You expected Jongin to beg for your forgiveness, but what he said was true. When Jongin decided to audition for SM, you began neglecting yourself to take care of Jongin, since Jongin never seemed to know what was best for himself.

“Also,” he began. “When I have trouble, is it okay if I can call you? We don’t have to have a long conversation, but I just want to hear the sound of your voice. It’s okay if you actually don’t say anything. I’m okay with just hearing you breathe.”

Your heart shattered.

He still loved you.

“That’s fine with me,” you said.

He smiled. “I’ll be going now.”

As Jongin left, you wanted to run after him. Both of you wanted to be with each other again. You wanted to help Jongin through all his hardships and watch him debut, and Jongin wanted to give you all the happiness in the world, just to see that smile of yours every day.

Each step he took, he felt his feet growing heavier. With each breath he took, he was regretting that he couldn’t tell you.

He couldn’t tell you what each day without you was like.

Taking a breath,

Waking up each day,

Barely getting through the day….

I wasn’t able to tell you that these things were harder than dying.

Almost Human (Chanyeol x You)

His prey was in his sight. The large stag was currently feeding on berries in a bush. Chanyeol crouched down, slowly creeping towards his prey. Unfortunately, as Chanyeol got closer, the wolf unintentionally stepped on a twig. The cracking noise echoed through the empty woods, revealing the location of the wolf. The stag’s ears twitched, and the animal immediately leaped off.

Disappointed, Chanyeol changed forms. In a swirl of spiraling, golden light, he changed from wolf to human. Chanyeol screamed in frustration and fell on his knees.

In his pack, Chanyeol was the clumsy one that never fit in. There were twelve of them in total, and all of them had mates except for him. Each day, Chanyeol would still be mastering the art of hunting, while the rest of his pack were happily playing with their young.

That morning, Chanyeol had seen Kai snuggling with his mate and gently stroking his sleeping pup. Kai was a more advanced hunter than Chanyeol. Though he was smaller, he was stealthier and faster. On the other hand, Chanyeol was bigger than most of his pack, but he was stiff and awkward in his movements. Instead of envying Kai all morning, Chanyeol decided to catch his morning breakfast. However, he had no luck, resulting in him picking berries off shrubs.

Though he longed for his mate to come, Chanyeol was also one of the kind and compassionate wolves. His pack members often teased him for being too soft, for they were quick to attack. However, Chanyeol did not have a temper at all and was much more compassionate towards others.

As Chanyeol was despairing, he suddenly picked up a scent. It was unlike any other. Immediately, he changed back into his wolf form to follow the scent. He ran swiftly through the woods, the scent getting stronger and stronger. The scent was sweet and pleasant, and he was engulfed in it.

As he got closer and closer to it, he came to an opening in the forest with a lake. However, he was hesitant to go near the scent. The lake was awfully close to human territory.

Could it be a trap?

Yet Chanyeol knew whatever was there was waiting for him. Slowly, he approached the lake, beginning to see a silhouetted figure in the blinding sunlight. However, as he got closer, he saw you. But something was wrong.

You were a human.

You were sitting by the lake, collecting a bucketful of water to bring back home. You were from the nearby village, and your mother sent you to bring water. Though she warned you to be careful for there were strange howling noises at night, you were oblivious and carefree, enjoying your surroundings.

However, as you were taking your time to collect water, you heard a strange shuffling noise in the bushes. Gasping, you turned your heard toward the direction of the noise. From the forest, a pair of glowing eyes was staring at you. Suddenly, a wolf emerged from the bushes.

You began trembling. Each time it came closer, you took a step backwards. Until, you tripped over a rock and fell into the lake. Coming from small village near the mountains, you did now know how to swim. As a result, you were drowning. The water was filling your lungs, and you could only flail your limbs uselessly. Unexpectedly, a pair of strong arms grabbed you and pulled you out of a water.

The mysterious person (who you assumed was a man) carried you bridal style and placed you on the ground. You coughed and slightly opened your eyes, only to see a silhouetted figure hovering over you. Slowly, you got up and saw the face of a handsome man. He had wide eyes, point ears, and jet clack hair. He wore tattered clothes, and he was bruised and dirty.

"W-who are you?" you asked, stuttering.

Instead of answering, he only stared you with those chocolate orbs of his. Though no words came from his mouth, his eyes spoke to you.

"Y-you’re the wolf?" you asked.

Suddenly, he transformed in front of you. Once again, he was surrounded by spirals of golden light, and you could only stare in awe. When he transformed back into a wolf, he ran to you and snuggled with you. You giggled and pet his head. Instantly, you felt something for this man (wolf?) and the way he looked at you with those chocolate orbs that drew you in.

When you realized who he was, he transformed back into human form. You said, “But I’m not a wolf. How will we be together? I can’t live with you.”

Chanyeol looked at you pleadingly.

After a moment of hesitation, you replied, “I’ll come here every morning to meet you, so just wait for me, alright?”

He nodded obediently.

You pet his head, smiling. Suddenly, you asked, “Do you have a name?”

You noticed that he strained to speak. In broken English, he managed to form the words, “Chanyeol.”

"My name is _____," you said. Though he was not human, you knew he was not a wolf, for he had the capacity to do more.

He had the capacity to love.

Chanyeol smiled, for he knew he had found his mate.

My Princess (Chen x You)

I’m sorry for not updating! I’ve been so busy, but I had fun writing this one. Since I was studying fairy tales, this is based off Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid and Exo’s song, Baby Don’t Cry. Thank you to the person who requested this Chen angst!


There was once a little mermaid, and she loved one man very much.



There were many misconceptions of life under the sea. Unaware of the many creatures that lived in the deep waters, some believed that the underwater world was a bright and beautiful place with colorful fish and warm waters. Others believed that life underwater was a dark and ominous place. However, regardless of the misconceptions that humans had of life under the sea, you had to admit, life was so dull that you could not find any words to describe how tedious it was. Yet you were not sure whether it was affected by the fact that you were almost always cooped up in the palace.

You were Princess of the Sea and many envied you. They believed great riches were bestowed upon you and that you spent your days in leisure and luxury. However, you thought otherwise. Your days were spent swimming through the empty palace halls or looking out the balcony of your room, envying your older sisters who had much more freedom than you. Even though it was frustrating, at the same time, the palace was beautiful. The golden, ornate walls were decorated with smooth seashells and glistening pearls. Although the palace was beautiful, it could not make up for the emptiness you felt in your heart. Your three older sisters were always outside in the garden, gossiping and laughing, yet you were cooped up inside the palace.

Your sisters had already gotten their responsibilities since they were over twenty-five, yet you had not even reached eighteen yet. Your mother let your sisters travel far on warm, sunny days, yet you were an exception. Of course your mother and sisters noticed your glum expression each day, so they tried pleasing you by giving you a beautiful pearl necklace to wear around your neck or a mirror from a shipwreck, but you didn’t need any of that.

You always had a sense of adventure and curiosity, feeling that it was not right for you to be trapped behind the palace gates. So, each night, when everyone was asleep, you would sneak out of the palace and swim freely through the dark waters. You would laugh as you twirled around through the dimly moonlit waters. However, you knew not to venture too far, for you would enter the area of nets.

You had a vague understanding of their purpose, but your mother and sisters had told you about them. Though they seemed like harmless pieces of rope bound together, they said they were devices used to trap innocent sea creatures. The nets marked the border of the human territory, so you would swim as close as you could to them, poke your head out of the water, and stare at awe at the lights coming from the tall structures where the humans lived.

Each night, you would wonder, When will I be part of that world?


He had ruffled light brown hair. His skin was light and fair. His eyes were a deep, mysterious brown. You could make out slight facial features, but his image was still vague and blurry. He smiled and waved at you as he approached you. That’s when you noticed it.

He had legs.

As he ran towards you, you outstretched your arms to embrace him, but your dream dissolved into tiny bubbles before he could hold you in his arms. You awoke from your dream to find yourself in your room, alone.

This man had been visiting you in your dreams every night, but each time you reached out to embrace him, you awoke suddenly. Though you could not make out his face, you were convinced he was The One, for mermaid dreams had alternate meanings or connections to the real world. You told your sisters and your mother about the man in your dreams, and they squealed in excitement.

“What if you finally find the man to court you?” your eldest sister asked.

“We should have the best mermen to come to the palace and court you!” the second eldest sister asked.

“You’re finally going to find The One,” your third eldest sister stated.

Yet you left out the part that he was human.


A few nights later, you were lying in your bed, unable to fall asleep. Your eyes were wide awake, and you felt restless, tossing and turning in your bed. Once you were sure that everyone was asleep. You opened the window and swam out.

You enjoyed the cool, night water. Though it was not as colorful or bright at night, everything seemed more peaceful. You could hear the soft breathing of the fish as they slept, and the waters looked more beautiful under the light of the moon.

That night, you felt a little more daring, so you decided to swim out farther than you had ever gone before. As you kept swimming farther and farther, you began to see tiny, black-bottomed figures in the distance. As you got closer, you realized they were a method of transportation for humans called boats. They piqued your curiosity, so you came close to the side of the wooden figure and peeked out of the water.

There were many humans on the deck. They all wore fabric around their bodies called clothes. On the deck, you saw them talk to each other and dance with each other on their legs. You were envious of how they were so light on their feet and how they took their partners hand-in-hand to dance with them. Though everything about their world appealed to you, there was one man who caught your attention. His head was slightly turned, so you could only make out subtle facial features. Nevertheless, he looked handsome. He wore a brilliant white suit and had a good-natured smile plastered across his face. You squinted strained your neck to get a closer look at him, but you were interrupted by the booming noises of thunder.

You were surprised and immediately ducked back into the water. You could tell a storm was brewing, for dark gray clouds covered the sky and the waters began to violently rock the boat back and forth. You watched as the humongous boat in front of you was overwhelmed by waves and pushed underwater. You suddenly dreaded the fate of the handsome young man you saw on the boat. You swam closer to the sinking boat, urgently seeking the man.

Then, you saw him.

His eyes were closed and he seemed lifeless. You swam towards him and gasped. He was the man from your dreams. The moonlight was shining on him, making him look even more glorious. You wrapped your arms around him and lifted his head above the water so he could breathe. You took him to the little grove you always liked to visit. There, you pushed him out of the water and onto the ground.

For what seemed like hours, you sat by his side, stroking his cheek and praying that he would wake up. Soon enough, he stirred awake from his unconsciousness. He opened his eyes, and saw you. You gasped and dived back into the water.


For the next few days, your only desire was to see the man once again.

However, your mother and sisters were even more protective of you, for more boats were out in the ocean, and they came closer to the palace each time. When you first heard the news, you were filled with hope.

Could the man be searching for you?

Even if he was, you knew you could not leave the palace and visit him on land as a mermaid. So, you made a risky decision.

You would meet the sea witch.

At night, you left the palace and swam towards the trenches. There, it was always dark, and the moray eels would poke their heads out to glare at you. You thought about turning back to the safety of the palace, but you knew once you went back, you would be trapped inside the palace again, so you continued.

Once you were at the trenches, the sea witch emerged from the large crevices. She had dark, grimy skin, and instead of a tapered tail, she had horrifying tentacles.

“I know what it is you want,” she spoke.

You shivered.

“You want to become a human. You want legs.

You nodded, trying to avoid making eye contact with the witch.

“It will be at a high price, of course. I’m going to need the fins of your tail.”

You gasped.

You took pride in your tail, for it was more beautiful than any other mermaid. Your tail was covered in turquoise scales that glittered in the sunlight and reflected the moonbeams at night. There was nothing more valuable than your tail.

“Are you willing to do it?” she asked, holding a rugged, black blade in one hand.

After a moment of hesitation, you nodded.

Using the blade, she sliced off your tail. You felt excruciating pain. Immediately, she handed you a potion, and you drank it. You could already feel the change happening, so you began swimming to the surface of the water. It felt as if your tail was being split in half, so swimming became a struggle. You also began to feel a need for air, the substance that humans needed to breathe.

You kept swimming to the surface, and the nets were in your sight. You felt a sense of hope and swam even faster. However, your tail had gotten caught in a net, and you could not get it free. You thrashed in the nets, but you could not get out. You needed air, but you could not get to it.

Then everything went black.


The sun was beating down on you, and you could hear the confused murmurs of people. When you opened your eyes, there was a blinding light. Fishermen were surrounding you. You looked at your surroundings and you noticed that you were on land, and you even had legs.

“Bring the prince!” one of the men yelled.

Soon enough, the fishermen cleared the way for a young man to pass through. When he approached you, your eyes widened.

It was him.

As he approached you, he was also shocked. “Y-You,” he stuttered. “You were the one who saved my life.”

You nodded slightly.

He bent down to examine you. “It’s you… I would recognize those eyes anywhere.”

He held out his hand to help you stand up, but you were not familiar with your new legs, so you stumbled. However, the prince had caught you. He held your hand firmly so you would not fall, and together you walked to his castle.


For the next few days, you were happy.

You would freely dance and run down the halls of his palace, which was even more marvelous than yours. There were tapestries and beautiful paintings everywhere and there were servants in almost every room. You were intrigued by each and every little thing, such as the silver tools called utensils, which humans used to eat with.

The prince was also happy to be with you. His name was Chen, and he would be the heir to his father’s throne. He was an only child who was always in the palace, alone. You realized how alike both of you were. Now, instead of travelling through the empty halls alone, you two would chase each other, laughing. Each night, he would hold you close to him as he slept, and you could hear the rhythmical pattern of his heartbeat.

Everything seemed fine, until you fell terribly sick on the seventh day.

When you woke up, you were weak and cold. You struggled to stand up on your wobbly legs, so Chen had you stay in bed the entire day. You had a burning fever, and you could not speak, for your throat ached. At night, when he was asleep, you left the castle without him knowing to walk along the shore.

As you walked alone, you reflected on your actions. Did you miss home? Was it right to abandon your family? As you were deep in your thoughts, you heard a familiar mermaid call. When you looked out at the ocean, you saw your sisters. They called you over, and you weakly ran to them.

“Why are you here?” you asked in a raspy voice.

“The sea witch has tricked you!” your eldest sister said. “You will not be a human forever. On the midnight of the twelfth day, you will die!”

“But I cannot turn back into a mermaid! I will disappear into sea foam!”

“Take this,” your sister said, handing you the familiar blade. “We have stolen this from the sea witch. If you murder the prince you love before the midnight of the twelfth day, you will grow your tail back, and we can live for three hundred more years under the sea!”

“I cannot kill the man I love!”

“You must!” they said, and they disappeared under the water.

You firmly grasped the blade in your hand. Looking at it closer, you noticed that the edges of the knife were stained with the blood from your tail.


Each day, the illness got worse. The best doctors from the kingdom had come to treat you, but each one walked away without knowing what was wrong with you. You hid the blade inside your pillow, and held it close to you each night as you slept.

When the night of the twelfth day had come, no sleep came to you.

Chen was sleeping peacefully next to you, smiling as he had wonderful dreams. You stroked his face as tears welled up in your eyes. You turned to look at the clock.


You took the knife from beneath your pillow. The knife shaking violently in your hands as you loomed over Chen, who was sleeping silently beside you. Your breaths were heavy. Your mind was telling you to do it, but your heart was holding you back. When you lifted the knife up over him, he woke up.

His fluttered open and you gasped. The knife slipped from your hands as Chen awoke. His eyes looked at you sadly.

“You’re going to die, aren’t you?” he asked.

You nodded, tears now streaming down your face.

He wrapped his arms around you, embracing you. When he pulled away, he picked up the knife and placed it in your hands. “Do it,” he said.

You shook your head.

“Kill me and quickly leave the palace. You probably don’t have long now.”

“I can’t live without you,” you said.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Don’t cry. I’m not going to be gone. Mermaids may dissolve into sea foam, but humans are different. Once I die, my spirit is going to travel up to a place called heaven. There, I’ll always be watching over you.”

You sobbed, but he leaned in and pressed his lips against yours.

“I’ll be like the moon. Even though the moon is not always visible, it’s there. It’s like my love for you. I may not be here by your side forever, but my love will always surround you and protect you. So once I’m gone, look out to the moon each night, and you’ll know that I’m watching over you. On nights when you can’t see the moon, you’ll still feel the warmth of my love. So do it.”

You looked at the clock.


“Do it, now!” he said, crying. “You’re not going to dissolve into sea foam! Do this… for me.”

You decided to listen to him. You closed your eyes and brought the knife down to his heart. Once the blade had entered his heart, the room fell silent. His breaths had stopped, and the color drained from his face. You kissed him on the lips.

He died for you.

You sobbed. You wanted to stay by his side, but the transformation was taking place. You left the bedroom and silently ran through the palace halls. Once you left the castle, you ran towards the ocean and dived in without any hesitation. Your legs were being bound together, merging into one. They grew longer, and your feet branched out into two fins. Soon enough, your tail had grown back.

Before you left, you looked at the castle one last time, for you knew you were never going to return.


Each night for three hundred years, the little mermaid rose to the surface of the water to watch the moon. She smiled when the moon shone down on her, for she knew her love was smiling down at her. On nights when the moon was not visible, she closed her eyes. Even though it was not before her eyes, she could still feel the warmth of the moonlight.

Just like Chen’s love for her.



There once was a little mermaid, and she loved that man very much.